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Architectural Photography

Specializing in producing the highest quality photographic and aerial media for my clients’ portfolios and galleries. My photography exemplifies your creativity and the thought behind every project

JMS Architectural Photography

A Visionary Approach

Dedicated solely to producing awe-inspiring images and the clearest videos. I work with Architects; Engineering firms; Construction companies; Property management firms; Energy Producers; Hospitality Operators; Travel and Tour Agencies; City and State Tourism; Commercial Interior Designers; Landscape Architects and all associated companies in the Building, Design and Construction Industry.

I’m a practitioner of the photographic concept of “Shadows and Light” as I believe that using ambient light best demonstrates how a building or an interior was meant to be viewed.

All sectors and facets of our industry will be documented with precision, color accuracy and mindfulness of use

An architectural photographer
who speaks your language

I understand the terminology used in this industry, which makes communicating what is to be photographed a more fluent process. Better communication produces better and more meaningful photographic images and videos.

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