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Drone Photography

Without question, aerial photography and aerial videography has become one of the most important additions to the architectural photographers’ toolbox. Like ground-based photographic capture, the skill of the pilot/photographer, and the quality of the equipment makes a difference. I use the most advanced commercial drones on the market. My drone can produce 48mp stills that are sharp from edge to edge, and a variety of cinematic-style captures, that you will be proud to use in any media of your choice. I am a FAA Certified Drone Pilot with over 100 hours of flight experience. I’m an experienced video editor, and I will produce aerial videos that will astound your customers.

Aerial Photography Samples
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Aerial Videography Samples
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Drone Photography

I make a habit of shooting a variety of “takes” incorporating different angles and perspectives and using some of the cinematic approaches. I like to give my clients the opportunity to choose the shots and videos that work best for you. I don’t charge extra for this service. It’s just the way that I do business.

A couple of things to keep in mind.  Aerial photography is very weather dependent. Drones can easily be carried away by steady winds above 15mph, which can possibly cause damage to people and property on or near the location shoot. The FAA is also strict about “airspace usage.” As a licensed FAA Drone pilot, I must abide by their rules and restrictions. This is all about safety. But not to worry. I am connected to a program that determines our location and allows me permission to fly in that space. I always check weather conditions prior to the day of the scheduled photo shoot. If it’s determined that the conditions are not favorable for the day of the shoot, then it may be necessary to reschedule.

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