Our Story

Hello. I’m Jeff Siegel, owner, photographer and chief aviator of JMS Architectural Photography. I am an enthusiastic aficionado of all facets of the Design, Build and Construction industry. I am an experienced commercial architectural and interior design photographer, and I have made this niche my specialty.

I became enamored with architectural photography after my first visit to Open House Chicago in 2014. Visiting several architectural firms and seeing their models and the photographs of their accomplishments, I immediately knew that this was the right niche for me. I’ve been photographing commercial buildings and commercial interiors ever since.

I understand completely how important my work is to the continued success of your company. Documenting your achievements with precision and clarity genuinely demonstrates how your company’s creative abilities can best serve the needs of your clients. Shooting interior spaces is equally important. I carefully compose my interior photos to best demonstrate how the interior spaces were designed to meet the requirements that your client needed for both comfort and functionality. I make it a point to work with your design team to capture the details that make these spaces successful.

I am a Part 107 licensed FAA certified drone pilot and I am fully insured. I have over 100 hours of flight time photographing architectural structures, and my competency in this area gives you the advantage and the confidence that your aerial shots will be nothing less than absolutely stunning.

I welcome the opportunity to work with architectural firms, engineers, construction companies and commercial property management companies of all sizes. 

If you have a current, or even a past project that you would like to have professionally photographed, feel free to call me directly, or fill out the contact form on this site. After discussing the needs of your project, I will provide you with a detailed quote within a couple of days.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and I look forward to working with you.



“It’s been a pleasure working with Jeff on the photography of several of the buildings that The Redmond Company has designed and built. We worked closely together to get the angles that The Redmond Company needed, and the final photos were exactly what we needed.  Jeff is easy to communicate with, prompt with requests and always friendly.”

Christine Plewa
Marketing Manager
The Redmond Company